2019 10 16 Die Geld-Wölfe kommen – Wenn Künstler Leichen fleddern

https://youtu.be/3QNwpPz1Oos Berichtigung. Der Anschlag war am 9.10.! Sie kommen immer, wie Aasfresser. Wenn irgendwo Tote oder Empörung zu verzeichnen ist, kommen die Staats-“Künstler”, welche die Kommunen um Steuerkohle erpressen. Und die können nicht nein sagen. Das Geschäftsmodell ist perfide wie genial.

Bild der Wölfe auf: https://ift.tt/2IWMFpD

Der Stolperstein-Millionär: https://ift.tt/35FR7CI

Diskutiert mit im https://ift.tt/2ZNikzG

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  1. Peter James Kuehlen

    The German Synagogue Shooting in Halle
    was most likely a Mossad Job.

    The best evidence for a media hoax is the presence of reporters on the scene before anything happened.

    Here are the placed reporters one by one:

    Michel Milewski, BILD
    a few houses away from the Kebap.
    Sports reporter Michel Milewski, working for BILD, Germany’s biggest tabloid, was only a few meters away from the kebap at the time of the action (conducting an interview with a third division amateur soccer player) and was able to give live footage and eye witness account from the scene immediately.
    He managed to talk to the survivor of the kebap attack, who got away!

    Christina Feist, Freelance Journalist
    inside of the Synagogue
    Freelance reporter Christina Feist
    usually visits a Synagogue every week in Berlin, but for this Yom Kippur she was in Halle and was able to give interviews to all networks.

    Christina Feist was also able to give us live images from the burning of Notre dame in Paris

    Her twitter feed is full of terror related tweets going back many years. https://twitter.com/molussia_anders/status/722105982332092416

    Andreas Splett, camera man, ZDF (retired)
    filmed the shootout with the police
    Andreas Splett, retired camera man of German state TV ZDF, and owner of a media production company lives and works right next door to the Kebap, that the shooter randomly picked to find his second victim.

    Andreas Splett worked in North Korea and Israel – and must have gotten the needed Intelligence clearing from both sides for those trips. https://www.atv-halle.de/kameramann/

    Andreas Splett made a movie about Jews in Halle.

    Andreas Splett’s father painted Concentration Camp paintings for sale https://www.meinolf-splett.de/kunst-und-diktatur/

    Rita Katz, veteran of the IDF (Israeli Defense Force), Owner of the private security company
    of SITE Intelligence Group,
    was not on site, but managed to publish the event first.
    We know Rita Katz from previous hoaxes like the Foley beheading or the burning of the captured Jordanian pilot where she also had exclusive access to that material. Mossad Agent Rita Katz also released the fake Sotloff beheading video & the fake Bin-Laden videos.

    Decide for yourself if this was a real event!
    Please share!

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