Video: Russland warnt: Trump hochgradig attentatsgefährdet durch Eliten

Bereits vor der Wahl wurde Trump gewarnt, wenn er sie gewänne, dass er von seinen einflussreichen Feinden im Establishment aus der Polit-, Banken- und Medienmafia als Zielscheibe auserkoren werden könnte… Kennedy ging es ähnlich.

Candidate, Donald Trump is no stranger to many controversies. The mass media has consistently been all over Trump, due to his many public speeches, which many believe are laced with borderline racism or sexist remarks. However, this is dependent on one’s political views. There are common comments that are spoken of when it comes to controversial candidates. Much like during Obama’s campaign and victory there was often talks whether he would be assassinated. There were rumors that the infamous Ku Klux Klan had intentions of trying to assassinate Obama, due to their well-known dislike for anyone not about their beliefs. TRUMP MAY BE IN DANGER READ MORE:



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